Kiss Your Mortgage Goodbye

In the midst of the worst economic downturn our country has ever seen there's a major development happening in the mortgage world that could enable you to own your home free and clear in about half the time, save thousands in interest – and the best part - all with no change to your spending. Sound too good to be true? It’s real. It’s called the All in One loan.

The San Francisco Chronicle says “designed to help borrowers accelerate their principal payments as painlessly as possible.”   This product will revolutionize the way Americans pay for their homes.

Here’s how it works. You deposit your income (paycheck, investment property rents etc) into the All in One loan until needed for future expenses.  This dramatically reduces the principal balance. Since interest is computed on your daily balance, you're gonna start saving interest immediately!

You pay all of your expenses out of your line of credit using checks, the ATM/Visa® P.O.S. card, and online bill-pay, just like your old checking account. Until you need the money though, it stays in your account keeping your balance lower, saving you thousands in interest costs, instead of lounging around in your low-interest checking account.

And paying less interest leaves more of your money for principal, so you could pay off in about half the time (sometimes even sooner) – with no change to spending habits!

Maybe your best mortgage is no mortgage. Visit to play the 5-minute movie. Then contact me and we will plug your own numbers into cost comparison simulator to see when you could pay off and how much you could save. You’ll be a believer after that.

Contact me by email or call me at 714 292-8580 to recieve a free, total cost analysis comparing your traditional mortgage to the All in One.  Maybe you'll  “kiss your mortgage goodbye” sooner than you ever thought possible.

Jill Korenaga - All in One Certified Agent
CA DRE #01278138
NMLS #302856