Kiss Your Mortgage Goodbye

In the midst of the worst economic downturn our country has ever seen there's a major development happening in the mortgage world that could enable you to own your home free and clear in about half the time, save thousands in interest – and the best part - all with no change to your spending. Sound too good to be true? It’s real. It’s called the All in One loan.

The San Francisco Chronicle says “designed to help borrowers accelerate their principal payments as painlessly as possible.”   This product will revolutionize the way Americans pay for their homes.

Here’s how it works. You deposit your income (paycheck, investment property rents etc) into the All in One loan until needed for future expenses.  This dramatically reduces the principal balance. Since interest is computed on your daily balance, you're gonna start saving interest immediately!

You pay all of your expenses out of your line of credit using checks, the ATM/Visa® P.O.S. card, and online bill-pay, just like your old checking account. Until you need the money though, it stays in your account keeping your balance lower, saving you thousands in interest costs, instead of lounging around in your low-interest checking account.

And paying less interest leaves more of your money for principal, so you could pay off in about half the time (sometimes even sooner) – with no change to spending habits!

Maybe your best mortgage is no mortgage. Visit to play the 5-minute movie. Then contact me and we will plug your own numbers into cost comparison simulator to see when you could pay off and how much you could save. You’ll be a believer after that.

Contact me by email or call me at 714 292-8580 to recieve a free, total cost analysis comparing your traditional mortgage to the All in One.  Maybe you'll  “kiss your mortgage goodbye” sooner than you ever thought possible.

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Here is where we’re changing the way mortgages are viewed.

It’s no longer just about the rate. It’s about how many dollars of interest you pay on a lower principal balance. With this loan, your principal balance is continually forced down by your direct deposits, and this can offset the effect of higher rates because you’re paying interest on a lower balance. This effect actually compounds as time goes on. The best way to observe this is to contact Jill Korenaga for a 10 minute walk through using the interactive Simulator. You’ll see why the slightly higher margin on this loan, which is required due to its highly transactional nature, can have such a minimal effect on the overall payoff timing.

You're welcome to contact me anytime. Email or call me today.  You've got nothing to lose except years off your mortgage!

FAQ #20. Isn’t access to all that equity a bit dangerous?

You need to be disciplined. But, if you have a good credit history, you get credit card offers each week, and can easily open a home equity line of credit to access your home’s available equity. Any of these offer you the same ability to get into financial trouble. We don’t expect our customers to change their good financial habits just because they take out the HOA.

FAQ #16. What happens if I miss a payment?

The loan is ideal for people whose income might vary. During the first 10 years, you only owe interest, which is automatically added to your principal balance monthly, so there’s really no “payment” to make as long as your principal balance stays below your credit line amount. The only payment you need to make is to stay below your credit line amount.

Webinar: Introducing the Home Ownership Accelerator®

For most people, the hundreds of thousands spent on mortgage interest is the number-one barrier to building wealth.  Worse, most “homeowners” will retire with a mortgage.  Will you?

Join us on Today, for a lunchtime webinar on a revolutionary new home loan that could put you on the road to mortgage freedom faster and more easily than you ever thought possible.  

We’ll be introducing the Home Ownership Accelerator® -- an innovative home loan which uses your own cash flow to help you potentially save tens or hundreds of thousands in interest and pay off years earlier -- all without changing your spending habits!

Don’t miss this opportunity to make an early exit from the world of monthly mortgage payments!  Join the thousands of clients who are getting ahead faster, thanks to the incredible power of the Home Ownership Accelerator loan. 

Friday, August 27
11:30am-12:30pm Pacific

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Fast Facts about the Home Ownership Accelerator®

Loan Type
First-position home equity line of credit
Full-service checking account embedded inside the loan allows all available cash to flow against the balance until needed for investments or expenses.
Deposit and withdrawals
Unlimited. Deposit or withdraw as much and as often as you need using free online bill-pay, ATM/debit Card, electronic fund transfers, checks
With the Accelerator, your deposits go against principal first, unlike traditional home loans. All deposits are credited against your loan balance within one business day.
Interest Rate
Adjustable Rate Loan based on 1-month LIBOR index
According to independent studies, LIBOR is a consumer-friendly index, second only to COFI for long-term stability.  See white paper on adjustable rate mortgages in our News and Views section.
Margins available
Available margins are 2.85%. 3.15%, and 3.35% above 1-month LIBOR. Ask your certified agent about margin pricing.
A lower margin reduces long-term interest costs and accelerates loan payoff and equity build-up. Your agent will present the costs involved for each margin and run a break-even analysis to see which margin works best for you.
Lifetime rate cap
6% over initial interest rate (index + margin)
We do not expect rates to rise dramatically in the near future, but to protect people concerned with rising rates, the Accelerator offers long-term protection with our +6% lifetime rate cap (your loan rate never exceeds the cap).
Minimum credit line

Maximum credit line
$2.5 million

Maximum loan-to-value
75% of appraised value

Minimum credit score required
700 (720 in CA, AZ, NV)

States currently available
Look for new states in late Spring 2010!
Online banking, and monthly paper statements detail available balance, withdrawals and deposits
You have all the information you need to track balance reduction, interest charges and other expenses, just as with your current checking account. You will also receive a standard tax form 1098 for all the interest paid on the loan each year.

FAQ #17. How do I access the equity in my account for expenses?

Just like you access your bank account. You have online access to view your account balances and transactions, and you can access funds via check, ATM, EFT, ACH and bill-pay.

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FAQ #9. Are my payments FDIC insured?

Not until you pay off your debt and run a positive balance. This is a line of credit mortgage, not a savings account, and therefore not FDIC insured. Your cash actually becomes home equity. You are paying down your mortgage, not making a deposit in the traditional sense. Years of traditional banking has trained us to think we need to have a "pile" of money somewhere, when in reality, the banks are using it to loan money to others. In this new approach, you build your wealth in a completely new way — it's in your real estate investment. 

FAQ #23. Won’t paying less mortgage interest reduce my tax deduction?

Of course it will. Unless you're currently a renter, paying a dollar in interest to get a thirty-cent tax deduction is a no-win game. If maximizing your interest tax deduction really made sense, you'd want to pay a higher interest rate on your loans, right? So minimize overall interest with the Home Ownership Accelerator, and own your home sooner.


Improved effective return on your cash 
Any deposit you make into the Accelerator saves you interest at your loan rate. This often beats the rate on traditional sweep accounts, and offers the same financial flexibility. Money between investments or business projects can't find a better home. 

Faster loan payoff to be mortgage-free before retirement 
Your cash flow reduces your home loan balance, minimizing interest paid.  This frees up funds for paydown. You can aggressively pay down the balance with surplus funds, knowing you can get the funds back if you need them. 

Low-cost source of funds for financial investments 
As an investor, you can borrow against your home equity at your home loan rate. You don’t need to repay principal for 10 years (or more if you are below your available credit line), standard deductibility rules still apply and the unused credit remains fully liquid in the event you need it. 

Faster equity build-up for "harvesting" 
For people who plan to tap their home equity for renovations, real estate purchases or other financial projects, the Accelerator offers unparalleled ability to quickly build the needed equity, and to quickly pay it back. Payback starts immediately thanks to your positive cash flow. 

No effort required. 
Simply point your direct deposit to your Accelerator loan, and sweep spare cash into it, and live your life as before. You make all of your checks, ATM/Visa, transfers and bill-pay out of the integrated checking account - - just like with your old bank.  If your employer doesn't offer direct deposit, no worries - -simply set up a regular electronic transfer into the Accelerator from your regular bank account.

If you like what you see, call me to explore this exciting new mortgage in more detail. Together, we can “test drive” the new loan on our simulator and get a real measure of how quickly you could be mortgage-free!*

DRE License 01278138

Rates and terms subject to change. All loans subject to credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify. “Home Ownership Accelerator” and the yellow flying house logo are trademarks used with permission.
*In most cases this is favorable however running the numbers with your trusted tax professional is ALWAYS recommended.

What's the Future of the 30-Year Mortgage?

With the new All in One loan, the traditional long-term mortgage is on the brink of extinction. This is a revolutionary new line of credit that “parks” all of your monthly income against your home’s principal balance to save you interest while you aren’t using the money. Saving interest leaves more of your funds for principal, and you could pay off earlier — even in half the time! And for expenses, you still get 24/7 access to your money, using checks, an ATM/Visa card, and free bill-pay. Even if you think you have a great rate, find out why your current mortgage may already be a dinosaur.

Rates and terms subject to change. All loans subject to credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify. “Home Ownership Accelerator” and the yellow flying house logo are trademarks used with permission.

Drum Roll Please

If you're like many homeowners in California that have owned a home for 10 years or more your history of refinancing may look something like this:
  • 1999 - $300,000  30 year fixed 6.5% to lower monthly payment
  • 2003 - $302,000  20 year fixed 5.0% to pay principal faster and save on interest
  • 2006 - $285,000  30 year fixed 5.5% to get a little cash out while lowering monthly payment
  • 2009 - Here we go again.....
2010 - Finally, a loan program that serves the needs of established homeowners.  (This things is the bomb!)

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