Breaking with mortgage tradition in the U.S.

The All In One loan could save you thousands in interest payments...

The All In One™ breaks with mortgage tradition by giving you, the borrower, the power to reduce your debt more aggressively. Traditional mortgages make it easy to get into debt, but offer no tools to help you manage the debt down. The All In One™ does help reduce debt more quickly, simply by putting all your personal income to better use.

 Your income lowers your monthly balance.
 The lower balance saves you interest.
 The saved interest becomes extra principal payment.
 This further lowers your balance, saving more interest.
 This frees up even more money to reduce principal.
 This cycle repeats itself each month, compounding your interest savings
and accelerating the reduction of your debt.

The power to be mortgage free.


Saving Made Easy


Borrower assumptions:

  • $300,000 borrowed
  • 4.00% interest rate
  • $96,000 annual income AFTER taxes and withholdings
  • 15% positive monthly cash flow i.e. left-over after expenses, bills, groceries, gas/transportation, entertainment, hobbies.... you get the idea.

Other Considerations
  • How many years do you have left on your mortgage?
  • Can you afford retirement while owing a mortgage?
  • Would you like access to your equity without refinancing?
  • Are you maximizing the value of you cash flow?
  • How much have you earned and deposited into your checking account in the last 10 years? 

Take the next step towards saving thousands of dollars in interest payments, building equity faster and paying your home off sooner by calling a CMG Certified All In One™ Professional today or visit to run your own numbers.

2 Every household scenario is different. Interest rates used are an example and for comparison purposes only. See loan terms for more information. Source: All In One™ interactive simulator: 

The Smarter Loan

The All In One™ provides many benefits that reach beyond what a traditional mortgage can offer. But to begin your understanding, first consider how you manage the money you use to pay for your housing and other budgeted needs.

If you are like most Americans, you rely on a traditional checking account to temporarily store your income. From there, you withdraw and distribute those dollars to pay for your monthly expenses and debts – but not all at once.
In reality, a large sum of your earnings simply sit idle in your account, waiting to be spent. We refer to this money as your “lazy money” due to the fact that while those dollars are not in use, they earn you low interest or possibly none at all. 

In comparison, you pay high interest on your mortgage.  Wouldn’t it just make better sense to combine your “lazy money” with your mortgage debt in order to put those dollars to work?

Put Your “Lazy Money” To Work
That’s exactly what the All In One™ does by bundling the two together. Yes, borrowing and banking combined where your deposits lower your mortgage balance, which lowers your monthly interest costs. It’s that simple.

The All In One™ can be used for home purchases and refinances and comes with 24/7 secure banking access including ATM cards, check writing and online bill-pay.

Other ways to save with the All In One™
  • Flow rental property income through the All In One™
  • Flow small business income  through the All In One™
  • Flow tax withholdings and refunds through the All In One™
1 Consult a tax advisor for direction when considering leveraging small business income through the All In One™.