Saving Made Easy


Borrower assumptions:

  • $300,000 borrowed
  • 4.00% interest rate
  • $96,000 annual income AFTER taxes and withholdings
  • 15% positive monthly cash flow i.e. left-over after expenses, bills, groceries, gas/transportation, entertainment, hobbies.... you get the idea.

Other Considerations
  • How many years do you have left on your mortgage?
  • Can you afford retirement while owing a mortgage?
  • Would you like access to your equity without refinancing?
  • Are you maximizing the value of you cash flow?
  • How much have you earned and deposited into your checking account in the last 10 years? 

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2 Every household scenario is different. Interest rates used are an example and for comparison purposes only. See loan terms for more information. Source: All In One™ interactive simulator: